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IThreadFunc Class Referenceabstract

Interface for thread function. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual tResult ThreadFunc (cThread *pThread, tVoid *pvUserData, tSize szUserData)=0
 Threadfunction. More...

Detailed Description

Interface for thread function.

This class acts as an interface for the thread function that can be executed using cThread or cCyclicThread.

Definition at line 609 of file thread.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual tResult ThreadFunc ( cThread pThread,
tVoid pvUserData,
tSize  szUserData 
pure virtual


This function is called repeatedly (cThread) or cyclic (cCyclicThread).

pThreadPointer to calling thread
pvUserDatapointer to data passed on from user during thread creation
szUserDatasize of data in bytes that pvUserData points to
Return here with RETURN_NOERROR if all went well, else return an appropriate error. If you return an error, the threadloop will be exited and the thread will enter the finished state cThread::TS_Finished

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