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IScriptable Class Referenceabstract

The IScriptable interface provides a generic way to implement scripting capabilities. More...

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Public Types

typedef const tChartScriptArgs
 Standard scripting argument type.

Public Member Functions

virtual tResult ScriptRunCommand (const tChar *strCommand, tVoid *pvData=NULL, tInt szData=0, IException **__exception_ptr=NULL)=0
 Run script command. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IObject
virtual tResult GetInterface (const tChar *idInterface, tVoid **ppvObject)=0
 Query interfaces on an object. More...
virtual tUInt Ref ()=0
 Increase reference counter. More...
virtual tUInt Unref ()=0
 Decrease reference counter. More...
virtual tVoid Destroy ()=0
 Destroy class instance. More...

Detailed Description

The IScriptable interface provides a generic way to implement scripting capabilities.

Script calls are encapsulated in simple XML strings that contain command and parameter information. Parameter passing is usually done by using XML attributes and name-value pairs, but it is up to the implementer to declare any advanced mechanism on top of XML to be used for communication.

The Interface identifier for this interface is IID_SCRIPTABLE.

Definition at line 32 of file scriptable_intf.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual tResult ScriptRunCommand ( const tChar strCommand,
tVoid pvData = NULL,
tInt  szData = 0,
IException **  __exception_ptr = NULL 
pure virtual

Run script command.

The ScriptRunCommand method calls a specific script command.

strCommand[in] XML command string. The command string has the following body: < cmd name="CMD" / > you can use e.g. the macro
See also
pvData[in] Pointer to command specific data.
szData[in] Size of command specific data.
__exception_ptr[inout] An Exception pointer where exceptions will be put when failed. If not using the cException smart pointer, the interface has to be released by calling Unref().
Returns a standard result code.

Implemented in cService, cUIFilterEditor, and cScriptable.

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