ADTF  v2.14.3
ADTF Graphics Library (adtf_graphics)

The ADTF Graphics Library raises the ADTF Plugin SDK functionality to get additional graphics support.

The namespace for the ADTF Graphics is adtf_graphics. When using the ADTF Graphics library you need to use:

using namespace adtf;
#include <adtf_graphics.h>
using namespace adtf_graphics;

A complete class and interface overview can be reached via namespace page adtf_graphics.

The ADTF Graphics library depends on the ADTF SDK, but the ADTF SDK must be included separately.
Base Graphics Filter Classes
The ADTF Graphics Library will help you to design your own display filters for using within an ADTF XSystem Environment (XSystem Service).

Use the following Base Displays Classes to design your own display:
Base Class Description
adtf_graphics::cBaseDisplayFilter A simple display that uses the adtf_graphics::ICanvas for painting. (see example Demo Base Display Filter) (see also GUI Refresh Rate and Display Updates).
adtf_graphics::cBaseVideoDisplayFilter .A display that already creates a pin to show a video stream. Take this base class to design your own video overlay display.
adtf_graphics::cBaseQtFilter .Take this base class to design your own Qt Widget Filter. see examples Demo QtTreeWidget Filter and Demo Qt Media Description Display Filter.
Base Graphics Filter Classes
The ADTF Graphics Library provides the functionality to design your own UI Display Service.

Use the following base class:
Base Class Description
adtf_graphics::cUIService .A simple display service that implements adtf_graphics::IUIEventHandler (see example Demo for Simple UI Service).
Further adtf_graphics information

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