ADTF  v2.14.3
ADTF ucom Library (ucom)

The ucom Library defines a Micro Component Model and their definitions provides the basic architecture for ADTF.

Then functionality is defined in the namespace ucom.
When not using the adtf_plugin_sdk.h then use:

#include <adtf_ucom.h>
using namespace ucom;

The ucom library depends on ADTF Utils Library (adtf_util).


The Runtime object that implements the ucom::IRuntime interface is the core element of each application that uses the ucom model. It manages the loading of Plugins and uses a state machine with so called Runlevels to ensure a consistent state of all loaded services. You can access the Runtime via the global _runtime pointer. The class ucom::cRuntime provides a base implementation that can be used to create your own applications, see for example Demo Config Application.


The ucom::cPluginTemplate base class is used to create plugins that can be dynamically loaded by the Runtime. In most cases it is only used indirectly through the use of the macros found in plugin_macros.h. It publishes the modules available in the plugin via the ucom::IClassFactory interface.


The ucom::cService base class can be used to provide additional ucom modules that provide extended functionality.

Interface List

All available interfaces and classes can be found here .

You can query an object for a specific interface with the ucom::IObject::GetInterface method.
Do not forget to take a look at the ucom::cObjectPtr class.

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