ADTF  3.14.3
IKernel::ITimer Member List

This is the complete list of members for IKernel::ITimer, including all inherited members.

ADTF_IID(ITimer, "") (defined in IKernel::ITimer)IKernel::ITimer
adtf::ucom::ant::IObject::ADTF_IID(IObject, "object.ant.ucom.adtf.iid")IObject
Destroy() const =0IObjectprivatepure virtual
GetInterface(const char *i_strIID, void *&o_pInterface)=0IObjectprivatepure virtual
GetInterface(const char *i_strIID, const void *&o_pInterface) const =0IObjectprivatepure virtual
Stop()=0IKernel::ITimerpure virtual

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