ADTF  3.14.2
Using CMake to build the ADTF examples

For the required and recommended CMake Version please have a look at .


Build the examples

Using the supplied batch file (Windows only)

  1. Make sure that the path to your CMake executable is in your PATH variable.
  2. Open the Visual Studio Developer Command Prompt from your start menu (under "Microsoft Visual Studio <Version>/Visual Studio Tools")
  3. From the command prompt launch the build_examples.bat file in the ADTF installation directory
  4. Follow the instructions

Manually (Windows and Linux)

If you paste a path from the clipboard into CMake GUI, make sure that you replace all backslashes with forward slashes (paste it, then press "..." and ok)!
  1. Launch CMake GUI
  2. Set the source directory to the installation directory of ADTF (e.g C:/Program Files/ADTF/3.0.0).
  3. Set the build/binary directory to a NEW and different directory (e.g. C:/Work/adtf-build)
  4. Press 'Configure'.
  5. Click 'Yes' when CMake asks to create the build directory.
  6. Select your compiler in the dialog that appears now and press 'Finish'.
  7. You will now get some red values in the list. Red does not mean wrong but new!
  8. Make sure that ADTF_DIR is correctly set (e.g C:/Program Files/ADTF/3.0.0)
  9. Press 'Configure' again.
  10. Set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to the installation directory of ADTF (e.g C:/Program Files/ADTF/3.0.0). You can choose any directory you like, but keep in mind that you have to add the plugins to the .adtfsystem defintion file of ADTF later on.
  11. Press 'Configure' again.
  12. You should now have everything ready and no red values.
  13. On Linux make sure that you set CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to either "Debug" or "RelWithDebInfo". If you get an empty ADTF_FONTCONFIG_LIBRARY, please install the fontconfig development package of your Linux distribution.
  14. Press 'Generate'. CMake succeeds with 'Generating done'
  15. Now go to the build directory:
    • On Windows open the adtf_examples solution with Visual Studio and build it. Don't forget to build the INSTALL project after everything has been built.
    • On Linux type 'make install' in the build directory.
  16. Done. The installation of the ADTF examples can be found in the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.

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