ADTF  3.14.3
result_util.h File Reference

Public API for result utility functions. More...

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 Serves as the root component, with common functionality documented in core functionality.
 Serves as component for functionality handling error and return types.


enum  ResultFormatFlags {
  DisableNone = 0x00 , DisableCode = 0x01 , DisableName = 0x02 , DisableMessage = 0x04 ,
  DisableFile = 0x08 , DisableLine = 0x10 , DisableFunction = 0x20
 Define flags. More...


std::string toString (const Result &result, ResultFormatFlags formatting_flags=DisableNone, const char *format=nullptr)
 Copy all information of an assigned result object to a (formatted) string. More...

Detailed Description

Public API for result utility functions.

Definition in file result_util.h.

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