SOME/IP tracing

In this guide you will learn, how the SOME/IP Message Extractor, the PCap Ethernet Receiver, the SOME/IP Service and the SOME/IP - Trace View are working. After reading this guide, you will know:

For passing this lesson with success, you should have finished followed tutorials from the ADTF3 Guides:

PCap Ethernet Receiver
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The PCap Ethernet Receiver captures the Ethernet network traffic and provide it as ethernet samples on its output pin. You can choose the ip adress of your network adapter in a property variable.

SOME/IP Message Extractor Filter


The SOME/IP Message Extractor extracts SOME/IP-Messages from ethernet samples and provide it as SOME/IP samples on its output pin.

SOME/IP Service


The SOME/IP Service loads an .arxml file and a SOME/IP parser. The service makes it possible to decode SOME/IP messages and parse the payload if a parser is available.

SOME/IP Trace View


The SOME/IP Trace View shows the SOME/IP Messages of a selectable sample stream. You can choose the sample stream in a drop-down menu within runtime.