adtffile  v0.7.1
adtf_file::Reader Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Reader (const std::string &file_name, StreamTypeDeserializers type_factories, SampleDeserializerFactories sample_deserializer_factories, std::shared_ptr< SampleFactory > sample_factory=std::make_shared< adtf_file::sample_factory< DefaultSample >>(), std::shared_ptr< StreamTypeFactory > stream_type_factory=std::make_shared< adtf_file::stream_type_factory< DefaultStreamType >>(), bool ignore_unsupported_streams=false)
 Reader (const Reader &)=delete
 Reader (Reader &&)=default
uint32_t getFileVersion () const override
a_util::datetime::DateTime getDateTime () const override
std::chrono::nanoseconds getFirstTime () const override
std::chrono::nanoseconds getLastTime () const override
std::chrono::nanoseconds getDuration () const override
std::string getDescription () const override
const std::vector< Extension > & getExtensions () const override
const std::vector< Stream > & getStreams () const override
uint64_t getItemCount () const override
uint64_t getItemIndexForTimeStamp (std::chrono::nanoseconds time_stamp) override
uint64_t getItemIndexForStreamItemIndex (uint16_t stream_id, uint64_t stream_item_index) override
std::shared_ptr< const StreamTypegetStreamTypeBefore (uint64_t item_index, uint16_t stream_id, bool update_sample_deserializer) override
void seekTo (uint64_t item_index) override
FileItem getNextItem () override
int64_t getNextItemIndex () override

Member Function Documentation

◆ getNextItemIndex()

int64_t adtf_file::Reader::getNextItemIndex ( )
the index of the next item, or -1 if the file is empty.

Implements adtf_file::BaseReader.

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