Findings ADTF 3140 (Preview)

This page helps to give a current overview about the preview deploys for ADTF 3.14.


  • Migration to new platforms (VS2019 VC142 for Windows x86_64 and GCC7 for Linux x86_64 / Aarch64)
  • Change dev_essential as new base library combining a_util, ddl and rpc
  • Rework of OO-DDL and CodecFactory
  • Upgrade to Qt 5.15.2
  • Integration of FEP for distributed systems

Used conan profiles:

Latest preview


  • RC1
    • Update to new profiles, compiler support, adapt platform strings
      • Windows = VS2019
      • Linux = Ubuntu 18.04 LTS gcc7)
    • Upgrade to Qt 5.15.2
    • Rework OO-DDL
    • Upgrade to dev_essential (successor of a_util, ddl and rpc packages)
    • FEP Integration
      • FEP Job Runner
      • FEP Receiver / Sender
      • FEP Substream Receiver
      • ADTF Control for FEP
  • RC2
    • Store integration in Configuration Editor
    • UTC formatting of stream time
  • RC3
    • Example for interface binding via RPC
    • Improve codec api, mark old as deprecated
    • Provide Runner triggered via RPC
    • Refactor pdgen support for required dynamic libraries
    • Final fixes for layout issues in advanced docking system (QtQuick Filter already done, 2D/3D Display require new toolbox)
    • Option for reconnecting reconnect (Non-ADTF-2-ADTF TCP communication)
    • Multicast support (ADTF-2-Non-ADTF UDP 2-way communication)
    • Enum support within Signal Registry
  • RC4
    • Upgrade to CMake 3.18
    • Macros for Playback file(s)
    • Keyboard control for graph tabs


Please keep the Known Problems in mind !

issue found in solved in
Dialoge is broken: Missing project RC1 RC4
Dialoge is broken: delete project RC1 RC4
Dialoge is broken: Quick Search RC1 RC4
Dialoge is broken: Quick Search RC1 RC4
Some example session layouts are broken RC1 RC2
CE shows some qml warnings on startup RC1 RC2
FEP is missing in doxygen RC1 RC3
FEP launch options differ from former ones RC1 RC2
Sessions View context menu cuts content RC1 RC4
FEP example sessions use old platforms RC1 RC2
FEP example sessions missing debug build type RC1 RC2
Doxygen ordering in tree view is broken RC1 RC3
cmake support for a_utils is missing RC1 RC2
Changing some properties can lead to crashes RC1 RC2
Tools are not executable on linux (missing FEP dependencies) RC3 RC4
Drag and drop and connect components is inconsistent regarding drawing and picking target pin RC1 RC4