ADTF  v2.14.3

Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework (ADTF).

See What's new in 2.13? and ADTF Change Log

ADTF SDK Documentation Overview

Before beginning with programming your own things we recommend that you have read the ADTFUserManual (see at the Windows Start Menu).
ADTF Plugin SDK Documentation

User Components
(ADTF Examples)

ADTF Filter Plugins

ADTF Toolboxes


User Launcher
(ADTF Examples)
ADTF Launcher Environment (adtf_launcher)

ADTF System Services

ADTF Runtime Layer

ADTF Utils Library (adtf_util)

ADTF ucom Library (ucom) ADTF SDK ADTF Graphics Library (adtf_graphics)

ADTF Runtime
The ADTF Runtime Layer

See the documentation on ADTF Runtime Layer.
ADTF System Services
The ADTF System Layer is the Systemdefinition of the ADTF System. The Runtime will inform all Services about systemstate changes.

See the documentation on ADTF System Services of all available Services.
ADTF Filters
The installation of ADTF delivers some simple filters

See the documentation on ADTF Filter Plugins of available Filterdocumentation.
The ADTF Plugin SDK is the description of all libraries and classes submitted for programming.

See the documentation on ADTF Plugin SDK Documentation.
ADTF Launcher
The ADTF Launcher is the default runtime system environment submitted with the ADTF packages.
It describes the collaborations of the ADTF default interface implementations and the plug-ins those come with the ADTF Development Environment.

See the documentation on ADTF Launcher Environment (adtf_launcher)
ADTF Examples
Examples are provided through ADTF Examples

Further References

For a list of changes please have a look in the change_log ./doc/change_log.txt. This Change-Log List is part of the ADTF Software Delivery and important communication element.
The Deprecated List
The ADTF Plugin SDK will change function names, parameter lists and other names used within ADTF. This is necessary sometimes, let's not pretend a other situation.
Please have a look in the Deprecated List.

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