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Our support portal "digitalwerk community" uses our own single-sign-on ego, which offers access to different digitalwerk services.
If you are already having an digitalwerk ego account, you can use it to sign in to digitalwerk community.
If not, just navigate to the upper right corner on this page and click Sign in.
You will be relocated to ego and are able to Register account including all required fields for digitalwerk community.
After successful registration, you will be redirected to digitalwerk community again (don't forget to sign in).
At that moment, your user will be visible and our team can set the required permissions.

Please keep in mind that you can go to ego directly and create an account as well without all redirection convenience.
In this case make sure to fill in the optional fields as well, because they are required for digitalwerk community (this can only be mark as required when relocated from here):
  • Organisation: The company which holds the support/maintainance contract with us
    • Could be different if you are working as an external for one of our partners
    • In this case, make sure to use the mail external mail address from out partner
  • Telephone
  • Address

Confidential Data

We respect the demand for keeping classified information confidential. Therefore all support requests are visible to the author and members of our support team only. We will handle your valuable data with utter care and will not use it for any other purposes than fulfilling your support request.

Nevertheless, we believe there is a great deal of knowledge and experience within the filed support issues, from which the whole community could benefit. Hence we will try to reprocess completed support requests removing confidential data and share those revised issues with the community, providing that we have your aproval. This proceeding allows community participants to find information easily all by themselves... if an issue with this piece of information already exists, of course. Positive side effect: the information is available at once, you do not have to wait for an answer by the support team.

In order to establish this knowledge base, which is helpful to all of us, we need your cooperation and support. Please keep your support requests as simple as possible and do not provide confidential information in it unless you really have to or unless you're asked to by our support team.


Digitalwerk GmbH
Support Team

Im Gewerbepark C15
93059 Regensburg

Phone: +49 941 4662 4311

Service hours

Mon - Fri
09:00am - 05:00pm (CET)

  • German & Bavarian non-business days
  • Christmas company closing days (Dec 24th - Jan 6th)
  • Long weekends (if Tuesday or Thursday is a non-business day, Monday/Friday is also closed)



We will work on the support issue in the language of the customer (German or English).
Issue titles will be adapted to English to improve the search for self-study.

Defintion of supported scope

  • The source of the topic is part of our delivered products
  • The version of the product in which the issue occurs is part of a supported versions of the contract
  • Your setup fulfills the recommended, tested and therefore supported requirements
  • The support request is neither a feature request nor an application or customized service

Service Level Agreements

  • These are our common Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Unless otherwise agreed we will fulfil these SLA
  • Note: The SLA describes the common Support Workflow, variations will be synchronized between the affected customer and the responsible supporter
Support Level Time of reaction Time of solution
1st-Level Support within 2 business days 2 working hours (maximum)
2nd-Level Support within 4 business days 10 working days (maximum)
3rd-Level Support within 6 business days 20 working days (maximum)
  • Time of reaction: First interaction between the responsible supporter and the affected customer
  • Time of solution: Time scope between support issue creation and solving the support case within the complete Support Workflow

1st-Level Support

  • Receiving the support request (E-Mail/Phone)
  • Issue creation in the affected customer project
  • Assign the responsible supporter for each support level
  • Common documentation in the support issue
  • Monitoring the status and SLA

2nd-Level Support

3rd-Level Support

  • Detailed analyzation within the source code
  • Detection of affects to our products
  • Creation of solutions and/or workarounds
  • Verification of subsequent product issues

Duties of customer

  • For a detailed overview, please have a look at our Support Workflow
  • A participation of the customer here in Redmine is possible but optional and not necessary
  • The communication and feedback by using mail or phone is enough
  • The redmine system will send automatic updates of all mandatory information regarding the affected customer

License Management

License Managment is under construction - please go here.

Support Workflow

  • Every support request will be an unique issue with tracker Support Request
  • To create a Support Request there are two possibilities:
    • create a new issue here in redmine
    • send a mail to (this will automatic generate the issue with the customer as author)
  • To give feedback to an existing issue there are three possibilities:
    • [recommended] add a comment here in redmine in your issue
    • [recommended] reply to the mail of the issue update send automatically by redmine
      • above the mentioned line or
      • clear all and only put your feedback as text
    • [optional] send a mail to with the issue id in subject enclosed by squared brackets
      • [#<my_issue_number>] My subject
      • Example subject: [#42] How to program a filter
  • Important Note:
    • If an issue is closed, we will not reopen it
      • If you have additional questions, please create a new issue and refer to the last
    • Please also use the redmine search and FAQ's to avoid duplicates (see Where to start)
    • If you have any questions, let us know ()
  • For more details, please have a look at our Support Worklow as follows:

Diagram Support_Workflow_2.png

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