Maintainance downtime (Wednesday 2021-12-13)

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Maintainance start 2021-12-13, 17:00 CET
Maintainance end 2021-12-14, 09:00 CET
Maintainance type host migration
Service availability service will be unavailable
Action required by customer no

What we're about to do

We will deploy an update to digitalwerk ego and migrate the application to Microsoft Azure's web app service. This update affects all services connected to digitalwerk ego, which will be unavailable during maintainance:


For those interested on how we do things, here's a short list of technologies we're using or implementing ourselves:

Product Manufacturer Description Usage in digitalwerk
digitalwerk ego digitalwerk GmbH OAuth2 provider implemented in ruby on rails single sign on and customer user management
contact trace digitalwerk GmbH Tracing of contacts in case of COVID-19 infections digitalwerk keeps track of contacts within a room/office in case a COVID-19 infection is reported.
Redmine Ticket and project planning system implemented in ruby on rails digitalwerk community platform
Gitlab Gitlab DevOps platform including source code repositories, issue tracking, project planning, package and container registry, continuous integration and deployment and many more digitalwerk uses gitlab to manage code versions and automated deployment of digitalwerk community.

If you do have any further questions on these technologies, or you want to have assistance in using one of those technologies, don't hesitate to contact us!

Keep safe and healthy,
Your digitalwerk community team