ADTF  3.15.2
adtf_runtime.h File Reference

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struct  tADTFRunLevelDescription
 Runlevel description map. More...
class  cADTFRuntime
 Definition of the Basic ADTF Runtime the Launcher will be used to create an ADTF System. More...


 Namespace for entire ADTF SDK.
 Namespace for the ADTF Base SDK.
 Namespace for all functionality of the ADTF Base SDK provided since v3.0.


using cRuntime = cADTFRuntime
 Type definition for the Default Runtime of ADTF.


enum  tADTFRunLevel : int8_t {
  RL_Shutdown = ucom::ant::IRuntime::RL_Shutdown , RL_System = 1 , RL_Session = 2 , RL_StreamingGraph = 3 ,
  RL_FilterGraph = 4 , RL_Running = 5 , RL_Max = RL_Running , RL_Internal = ucom::ant::IRuntime::RL_Internal
 The ADTF Runtime Level State are used to define a ADTF Runtime specialization for a adtf::ucom::ant::runtime. More...

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