ADTF  3.15.3
Inheritance diagram for cRefConfigProperty:

Public Member Functions

 cRefConfigProperty (const adtf_util::cString &strConfigurationName, ucom::ant::iobject_ptr< IProperties > &pPropertiesAttach)
 initializer CTOR More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from property<::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type >
 property ()
 property (const property &oProperty)
 Copy CTOR.
 property (property &&oProperty)
 implementation of the move CTOR (but it is not moving yet)
 property (const adtf_util::cString &strName, const ::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type &oValue)
 CTOR with name an value. More...
 property (const ::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type &oValue)
 CTOR with value. More...
 ~property ()=default
propertyoperator= (const property &oValue)
 copy assignment
propertyoperator= (property &&oProperty)
 move assignment (its not moving yet)
const propertyoperator= (const ::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type &oValue)
 value assignment More...
bool operator== (const property &oProperty) const
 compare operator More...
bool operator== (const ::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type &oValue) const
 compare operator More...
::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type GetValueT () const
 Get the containing value. More...
tResult Set (const property &oProperty)
 Sets the property value and name as COPY of oProperty. More...
tResult Set (const IProperty &oProp)
virtual const IPropertyValueGetValue () const
virtual IPropertyValueGetValue ()
virtual tResult SetValue (const IPropertyValue &oValue)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cPropertyBase
tResult GetName (IString &&strName) const override
bool HasProperties () const override
bool HasAttachedProperties () const override
tResult SetProperties (const IProperties &oProperties) override
 will copy given properties
tResult AttachProperties (const ucom::ant::iobject_ptr< IProperties > &pAttachedProperties) override
 will set given properties to be attached
tResult GetAttachedProperties (IProperty &oProperty) const override
tResult DetachProperties () override
tResult GetProperties (ucom::ant::iobject_ptr< IProperties > &pSubProperties) override
 get subproperties for writing access
tResult GetProperties (ucom::ant::iobject_ptr< const IProperties > &pSubProperties) const override
 get subproperties for readonly access
tResult SetName (const IString &strName)

Private Types

typedef ::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_type value_type
 internal value type
typedef ::adtf::base::ant::property<::adtf::base::ant::property_attached_configuration_typebase_type
 internal base type

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from cPropertyBase
util::cString m_strName = adtf_util::cString()
ucom::object_ptr< IPropertiesm_poSubProperties = nullptr
ucom::object_ptr< IPropertiesm_poAttachedProperties = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file configuration.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ cRefConfigProperty()

cRefConfigProperty ( const adtf_util::cString &  strConfigurationName,
ucom::ant::iobject_ptr< IProperties > &  pPropertiesAttach 

initializer CTOR

strConfigurationName[in] Nameof the refproperty
pPropertiesAttach[in] Properties to attach

Definition at line 47 of file configuration.h.

References cPropertyBase::AttachProperties().