ADTF  3.13.0

Decoder for samples with static data. More...

Inheritance diagram for cStaticSampleDecoder:

Public Member Functions

 cStaticSampleDecoder ()=default
 Default constructor.
 cStaticSampleDecoder (cStaticSampleDecoder &&)=default
 Move constructor.
cStaticSampleDecoderoperator= (cStaticSampleDecoder &&)=default
 Move assignment operator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from cStaticDecoder
 cStaticDecoder ()
 Default constructor.
 cStaticDecoder (cStaticDecoder &&)=default
 Move constructor.
cStaticDecoderoperator= (cStaticDecoder &&)=default
 Move assignment operator.
virtual tResult IsValid () const
virtual tSize GetElementCount () const
tResult GetElement (tSize nIndex, const tStructElement *&pElement) const
 Access information about an element. More...
tResult GetElementValue (tSize nIndex, tVoid *pValue) const
 Returns the current value of the given element by copying its data to the passed-in location. More...
tResult GetElementValue (tSize nIndex, A_UTILS_NS::cVariant &oValue) const
 Returns the current value of the given element as a variant. More...
const tVoidGetElementAddress (tSize nIndex) const
tSize GetStaticBufferSize (tDataRepresentation eRep=tDataRepresentation::Deserialized) const
tDataRepresentation GetRepresentation () const

Private Member Functions

 cStaticSampleDecoder (adtf_ddl::cStaticDecoder &&oDecoder, adtf::ucom::object_ptr_shared_locked< const adtf::streaming::ISampleBuffer > &&pBuffer)
 For internal use only.

Private Attributes

adtf::ucom::object_ptr_shared_locked< const adtf::streaming::ISampleBufferm_pBuffer
 For internal use only.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cStaticDecoder
 cStaticDecoder (std::shared_ptr< const cStructLayout > pLayout, const tVoid *pData, tSize nDataSize, tDataRepresentation eRep)
 For internal use only.
virtual const tStructLayoutElement * GetLayoutElement (tSize nIndex) const
 For internal use only.
- Protected Attributes inherited from cStaticDecoder
std::shared_ptr< const cStructLayout > m_pLayout
 For internal use only.
const tVoidm_pData
 For internal use only.
tSize m_nDataSize
 For internal use only.
const cElementAccessor * m_pElementAccessor
 For internal use only.

Detailed Description

Decoder for samples with static data.

Definition at line 25 of file sample_codec.h.

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