ADTF  3.14.3
object_ptr_base< T, bool, typename >

Base class for object_ptr<> More...

Inheritance diagram for object_ptr_base< T, bool, typename >:

Detailed Description

template<typename T, bool = std::is_class<T>::value && detail::has_interface_info_type<typename std::remove_cv<T>::type>::value, typename = object_ptr<T>>
class adtf::ucom::ant::object_ptr_base< T, bool, typename >

Base class for object_ptr<>

Template Parameters
TType of the shared resource to manage.
2true if an ADTF_IID() was defined in type T, false otherwise.
3The child class this base class is inherited from (for CRTP)

Definition at line 64 of file object_ptr.h.

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