ADTF  3.14.3
adtf::streaming::ant::detail Namespace Reference

Namespace for internal functionality. More...


struct  port_router
 Helper template class to route a ISampleStream or a IBindingProxy. More...
class  cExternalSampleReaderQueue
class  cSampleStreamBase
 The implementation of the ISampleStream base implemenation. More...
class  has_set_properties
struct  stream_meta_type_properties_helper
struct  stream_meta_type_properties_helper< T, std::enable_if_t<!has_set_properties< T >::value > >
struct  stream_meta_type_properties_helper< T, std::enable_if_t< has_set_properties< T >::value > >
class  has_is_compatible
struct  stream_meta_type_is_compatible_helper
struct  stream_meta_type_is_compatible_helper< T, std::enable_if_t<!has_is_compatible< T >::value > >
struct  stream_meta_type_is_compatible_helper< T, std::enable_if_t< has_is_compatible< T >::value > >
class  cTriggerPipeSourceImpl
 Default implementation for a ITriggerPipeSource. More...

Detailed Description

Namespace for internal functionality.

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