ADTF  3.10.0
ADTF 3 Tools and Applications

The Installer package of ADTF comes with the following executables:

Component binary


ADTF Config Tool bin/adtf_config_tool

The ADTF Config Tool is a console application to manipulate ADTF Graph and Properties files.

ADTF Configuration Editor bin/adtf_configuration_editor

The ADTF Configuration Editor is to configure and define a complete Session.

ADTF Control bin/adtf_control

The ADTF Control is a console application to control one ADTF System Instance. Usually this instance was created by the ADTF System Launcher. Type the command 'help' to get more information on available commands.

ADTF DAT Dump Tool bin/adtf_datdump

The ADTF Datdump Tool provides information about recorded files.

ADTF GUI Control bin/adtf_guicontrol

The ADTF GUI Control is a GUI application to launch and/or control one or more ADTF System Instance.

ADTF Launcher bin/adtf_launcher

The ADTF Launcher is able to load an Session with the help of the ADTF Session Manager.

ADTF Log View Tool bin/adtf_logview

The ADTF Log View displays log messages from ADTF systems.

ADTF Plugin Description Generator bin/adtf_plugin_description_generator

The ADTF Plugin Description Generator extracts meta information from an ADTF plugin into an XML file. (see ADTF Plugin Description XML Schema file).

ADTF Property Editor Tool bin/adtf_property_editor

The ADTF Property Editor Tool is a GUI application to manipulate properties at runtime

ADTF Status Monitor bin/adtf_statusmonitor

The ADTF Status Monitor displays resource and kernel information from ADTF systems.

Profiler GUI bin/profiler_gui

UI Tooling to analyze and use the ADTF build-in profiling support.

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