ADTF  3.6.3 (build 1327)
ADTF - Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework

ADTF 3 Overview


SDK Assumptions

The ADTF3 SDK Documentation should help you to understand the architecture and concepts of ADTF 3 (ADTF 3 Architecture).

Besides classes, namespaces and functional and technical description it furthermore provides programming examples and sessions (ADTF 3 Examples) for how to use the ADTF 3 SDK Packages.

Maybe this will not fit your use case or you might to wish step-by-step instructions, a more comfortable how-to or some kind of usermanual to confirm more and more with our framework, please have a detailed look at our ADTF3 Guides.


The ADTF3 SDK Documentation can be devided into following sections (besides namespace and file lists):

Tools and Binaries

ADTF Control

ADTF Configuration Editor

ADTF Launcher

ADTF 3 System Core Objects

ADTF 3 System Services

ADTF 3 Streaming Services


For complete List of Applications delivered see ADTF 3 Tools and Applications.

ADTF SDK Packages

ADTF Software Development Kit
adtf::filter adtf::system
adtf::ucom adtf::base adtf::mediadescription adtf::streaming
adtf::util adtf::rpc

For complete SDK Documentation see ADTF 3 SDK Packages.

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