ADTF  3.12.8

The ADTF Filter SDK Package defines a internal Filter Architecture.

The main header to include is:


The main focus of this SDK package is to develop customized filters and Streaming Sources.

For an explaination for the different use-cases please see

Use the base classes provided at Using the Filter SDK.


The ADTF Filter SDK depends on the ADTF Streaming SDK and ADTF Media Description SDK.

C++ Classes



Namespace for entire ADTF SDK.


Namespace for the ADTF Filter SDK.


Namespace for all testing functionality of the ADTF Filter SDK.

Main Classes and interfaces


Base class for ADTF filters.


Base class for ADTF sample streaming sources.


Base class for ADTF sample streaming sinks.


use cSampleWriter as cPinWriter


Specialized Sample Writer to write DATA of type DATA_TYPE.


use cSampleReader as cPinReader


The time_limited_sample_reader will create a sample reader which will create a internal sample queue that is time limited by the given TimeRange.


The size_limited_sample_reader will create a sample reader which will create a internal sample queue that is sample count item limited by the given TimeRange.

Using the Filter SDK

The Filter SDK provides base classes to facilitate the implementation of Filters and Streaming Services.

They may be part of the Filter Graph and Streaming Graph.

This Filter SDK allows you to develop non-UI Filters.
If you want to develop Filters that display and vizualize data, have a look at ADTF UI SDK.

Legacy and Trigger Functions
Starting from ADTF 3.5 onwards, all functionality provided by the "old" Trigger Functions API can now easily be replaced by the cFilter API which is a lot more flexible and still requires less code. The Trigger Functions API is here to stay, but will no longer be maintained besides bugfixing.

The Trigger Functions API is separated into two parts:

PART 1: Definition of Triggers and Triggerfunctions.
See the Legacy Trigger Function for more information on that
PART 2: Definition of Standard Filter Implementations.
See Legacy Standard Filter

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