ADTF  3.12.8
ADTF Media Description SDK

The ADTF Mediadescription Package brings the Data Definiton Language (DDL) into ADTF's scope.

The main header to include is:

#include <adtf_mediadescription.h>


To use ADTF in a common generic way we are providing tools and utilities for convenience access and generation to handle the Data Definition Language (DDL).
With this language you are able to describe the stuctured content of the data sent via by Sample Streams from one Filter to another (as well as using Streaming Services).

The package will provide a default ADTF Stream Meta Type and many functionality around that support utilities writing, reading and describing memory content (sample content) with the help of the DDL. You may also have a look at the ADTF DDL SDK which is delivered with this SDK ($(ADTF_DIR)/pkg/adtfddl).


The ADTF Media Description SDK depends on the ADTF Streaming SDK and the ADTF DDL SDK.

C++ Classes



Namespace for entire ADTF SDK.

Namespace for the ADTF Media Description SDK.

Main Classes and interfaces


Use this Stream Meta Type if your sample data are structured and the memory layout can be described via DDL - see also Usage of Stream Meta Type "adtf/default".


Template to provide media description based access to Sample data.


This is used to create a structure type from an existing c++ struct definition.


This reader uses the media description to decode sample data.


Sample Writer that provides samples that can be updated via a Codec.


Decoder for samples with static data.


Decoder for samples with static and/or dynamic data.


Codec for samples with static data.


Codec for samples with static and/or dynamic data.

Using DDL within ADTF 3

For information on how to generate and use such DDL descriptions have a look at:

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