ADTF  3.14.3
Generic Pixel Format

Pixel Format Description

ADTF comes with some predefined image formats using a generic pixel description. Usually most image formats can be described channel based.

There are 2 channelbased pixelformats provided:

par_rgba RGB(A) Pixels
  • R - Red channel
  • G - Green channel
  • B - Blue channel
  • A - Alpha channel
par_grey Grey Pixels
  • GREY - Grey channel
There channel (bit)size and position within a pixel is described generic. For a 8 Bit grey pixel "GREY(8)" is used, where "GREY" is the channel and the followed "(8)" describes its size.

A RGB pixel value is described i.e. via "R(8)G(8)B(8)(8)". "R" has 8 Bits followed by "G" and "B". The trailing empty channel is to fulfill a 32 Bit pixel size at a whole. The whole pixel size is a sum out of each "(\<bitsize\>)" pattern.

Generic access

The ADTF Streaming SDK comes with some functionality to calculate a Pixel Format Description. Consider the following:

  • stream_image_format_is_generic_greyscale
  • stream_image_format_is_generic_rgb
  • stream_image_format_is_generic
  • stream_image_format_get_generic_pixel_size
  • stream_image_format_get_generic_mask

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