ADTF  3.16.2
Known Problems
| ADTF - Known Problems |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
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| This file tracks the known problems within ADTF 3.x |
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| ADTF 3.16.2 quiet |
- [#452] Issues if project path includes whitespaces or other special characters
- [#649] UDP connection between two ADTF instances is dropping data on high payload (e.g. Video)
- [#666] Demo Virtual Clock leads to crash if RAM is full
- [#668] Error Messages and missing Updates via Host Only Pipe communication
- [#784] Recorded Files leads to unexpected behaviour
- [#793] Missing recorded file in table due to missing auto refresh
- [#958] Interface IEnabledSignals does not have a virtual destructor
- [#1196] Recorder Split does not work in loop playing mode 1
- [#1233] Types are defined in global namespace
- [#1306] qt video display does not support 16Bit greyscale (but still displays something)
- [#1319] No support for quotation marks in filename property
- [#1449] Stop scrolling only works for the first line selection
- [#1485] Tabs do not open if GUI Control is moved to second screen with lower resolution than main screen
- [#1512] adtf_util::cString::FromType(tFloat64) returns string with ',' as decimal separator
- [#1524] No error/warning in CE when two components have identical class ids
- [#1541] Delete one recorded file deletes all recorded files
- [#1562] Session Editor can not handle ADTF System Files that are not part of the ADTF Project File
- [#1566] Recording buttons not accesable after deinit/init
- [#1578] Opening several projects increases memory
- [#1595] Resolve ambiguities in cGraphObject::RegisterRunner()
- [#1731] Notes loose focus when double clicking
- [#1778] Connection conflict when runner pin and output pin have same name
- [#1800] Remote connect leads to unnecessary disconnect toggle
- [#1812] Missing debug symbols for libjson / jsoncpp within rpc_pkg
- [#1837] Filename conflict when updating plugindescription repositories
- [#1845] The --graph option of adtf_config_tool produces an unexpected error
- [#1880] Buffer overflow in cFilename::CreateRelativePath
- [#1899] Changing upper/lower case of session name actually deletes it
- [#1903] Unsaved changes dialog is centered within application instead of monitor
- [#1907] ADTF_DIR with backslash path separator resolves to strange paths in tests
- [#1915] Launch within QML Filter Editor does not escape anymore
- [#1946] Connections deleted on non-existant included subgraph
- [#2003] Multiple substream selectors on data inport
- [#2009] Plugindescription can only be installed in CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX path
- [#2047] Deleted property still remains in adtfproperty file
- [#2065] RPC methods incorrect
- [#2110] Multi file selection dialog shows undefinied copy/paste behaviour
- [#2114] Name collision of widgets results in spuriously closed widgets
- [#2126] Cannot connect interface in-port with subgraph interface in-port
- [#2154] cDefaultThreadRunner can run past Deactivate()
- [#2175] CE creates absolute paths in adtfproject file when has been started with relative specifed --project argument
- [#2176] Recursive macros in environmentfile resolve too early
- [#2180] adtf_control unload transition for FEP Systems does not work in some cases
- [#2182] ADTF Control crashes if properties of a FEP/ADTF session shall be retrieved and the session is not available anymore
- [#2188] Automatic binding proxy does not check for dynamic interface pins
- [#2197] Creation of FEP job may fail silently if FEP Job Runner configuation is invalid
- [#2239] Property Editor does not connect to running session launched different from default address
- [#2242] Hierarchical order of properties does not cope display name mode
- [#2244] Deactivate multiple filter does not force unsaved changes
- [#2249] Media Description Service - New entry dissapears after clicking OK
- [#2254] Double loop of sample stream substream selector and binding proxy connection leads to crash
- [#2273] FEP Element with whitespaces in URL cannot be launched
- [#2293] Changing properties in a subconfig creates an error
- [#2302] Renaming an adtfsession or adtfgraph or adtfsystem file does not automatically update name in Session Editor
- [#2307] Session can be renamed invalidly
- [#2315] Excessive overhead from not whitelisted sample streams
- [#2316] Unable to replay due to incorrect referenced file relation in recording using same base names in different recorders
- [#2422] FEP System Info Service retrieves invalid stream types
- [#2503] ADTF Control doesn't offer shutdown of FEP Participants
- [#2530] Substream Display shows 'Error parsing data' for enums if no data available
- [#2536] UDP Receiver From Non ADTF Application loses packets that arrive at the PC (wireshark trace).
- [#2542] Request all visible requestable substreams does not work as expected
- [#2544] Dissecting substreams can lead to freezing the launcher
- [#2546] Substream Display is not correct if several inputs have the same signal name
- [#2575] Request Visible Substreams does not work anymore
- [#2576] Search is not operable with large DDL
- [#2593] System Status plugin creates runtime peaks
- [#2636] Renaming input and output pins of a inserted subgraph of a included subsession will not be saved
- [#2673] CE violet substream color of line is lost when connecting to data output
- [#2681] Remaining uses of cFile::OM_Read without OM_SharedRead
- [#2686] When pins have been activated disconnection is prohibited.
- [#2688] Search in Property Editor does only cope current hierarchical level