ADTF  3.14.3
Media Description Service Plugin

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Media Description Service


The main goal of this Media Description Service is to pre-load available descriptions from files.

Plugin Information
Plugin Filenameadtf_media_description.adtfplugin
Plugin Descriptionadtf_media_description.plugindescription
Plugin NameMedia Description Service Plugin
Homepage URL
Plugin Versions
Plugin Version3.14.3
Plugin File Version1.0
Component Information
NameMedia Description Service
DescriptionUse this System Service to extend the ADTF System to provide DDL described structures from .description files for samples and signals.
Default Runlevelsystem
media_description_files/mediadescriptions/*.description;/addons/*/mediadescriptions/*.descriptioncFilenameListFilelist of .description files which should be loaded and provided by the Media Description Service. Note: This is only useful if you ask the coder at runtime about dynamic and generic content. In ADTF 3.x the DDL is almost already set within Stream Type and can be access direct from Sample.Filename Extension Filter:
ADTF Media Description files (*.description)
provide_signalsfalsetBoolIf enabled, the DDL content of each Sample Stream will be available in Signal Registry.
provide_signals_stream_allow_list*cStringIf 'provide_signals' is enabled, only streams with the given names are provided (semicolon separated list, wildcards allowed: i.e. "*nested_struct*; *substreams*")
provide_signals_stream_block_listcStringIf 'provide_signals' is enabled, streams with the given names are NOT provided (semicolon separated list, wildcards allowed: i.e. "*nested_struct*; *substreams*")
synchronous_signal_decodingtruetBoolIf enabled, decoding of signals is delayed and queued until the Signal Registry contains the signals for a sample. If disabled, decoding is skipped on a per-substream basis while the Signal Registry is being initialized. Can be necessary if some complex streamtypes are introducing excessive delays.
Required Interfaces
Provided Interfaces

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