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ADTF 3.0.0 Changelog

| ADTF - Changelog |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
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| This file tracks the changes and bugfixes within ADTF 3.x |
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| ADTF 3.0.0 ant |
* #7888 Change [PropertySet] Split up Graph and Properties
* #20192 Change [ADTF SDK],[Configuration Editor],[Project Tree Service]: enhance the adtf_include and deactivate the "old" xml_include [rejected due to #32970]
* #23777 Change [SDK]: Use of XML Data Binding Library and Parser
* #24617 Change [SignalRegistry]: Porting and enhance the SignalRegistry-Interface to make it possible to unregister and update properties of single signals
* #27148 Change Integrate License into ADTF 3
* #27288 Change [ADTF Control GUI] Design a ADTF Control GUI as a new tool within the ADTF Toolset
* #28666 Change [SDK]: Provide additional sample information
* #29771 Change [A_UTILS] Erase the utility class cReadWriteMutex
* #31461 Change [object_ptr] Add implicit casts to const iobject_ptr variants
* #31560 Change [adtfucom] Revisit IClassInfo, IPluginInfo and IObjectInfo
* #32741 Change [CE] Common visualisation of long names
* #32985 Change [Console Service] Reintegrate Console Service to ADTF 3 as Logging Interface and RPC Logger
* #32986 Change [Logging ] Reintegrate Scenario for Logging into a File
* #32987 Change [Log View] Reintegrate Console View as Log View Service and Log View Tool
* #33000 Change Reintegrate ADTF Alive Message - using of adtf::remote::cADTFRemoteSystem::Ping() and adtf_control -e isalive
* #33001 Change [Sample Stream Trace View] Reintegrate Filter Trace View as Sample Stream Trace View
* #33649 Change [streamimageformat] Implement generic StreamImageFormat definition for GREYSCALE and RGB
* #34153 Change [properties] Document user defined properties and create a cFilename, cFilepath built-in property type within adtf base package
* #34747 Change [adtfucom] implement non member function template get_class_info to get easy access to class info instances
* #35371 Change [BUILD] Adapt Linux platform to Linux 16.04
* #35455 Change [cResult] Add 32 bit compatibility to result_description
* #35456 Change [cResult] cErrorDescription must be implemented to support binary compatibility
* #35469 Change [CE] The CE must be able to differ between Debug an Release Components
* #35484 Change [CE] Provide "Close Project" main menu entry
* #35485 Change [CE] Provide information what is the currently opened project
* #35494 Change [CE] Rename the "System Configuration" to "System Editor"
* #35495 Change [CE System Editor] Add possibility to change order of items (escpecially for Services)
* #35565 Change [CE Graph View] The Streaming Inport and Streaming Outport must show the Streaming PortName
* #35675 Change [Control Widget] Design and prototype of a Control Widget
* #35842 Change [System Editor] Add possibility to add, remove plugins and edit their paths
* #35854 Change [cKernelThreadLoop] Add parameter to create the thread loop in a suspended/paused state
* #36137 Change [cReferenceSample] create example to use reference samples that transport memory references instead of memory copies
* #36269 Change [adtfplugin] The .adtfplugin has to be defined as extension
* #36271 Change [Installer] Qt Deployment for ADTF 3.0
* #36272 Change [XSystem]: Development of a ADTF Qt XSystem Service for final ADTF 3
* #36291 Change [CE] Provide functionality to use Dynamic Filters/Streaming Services which depend on properties
* #36729 Change [Session Manager] Remove the session service as service. Define Core Objects and Default ADTF System
* #36988 Change [SDK Documentation] Enhance documentation for porting filters from ADTF 2 to ADTF 3
* #37942 Change [A_UTILS] Remove cHashMap implementation due to standard functionality unordered_map
* #37944 Change [A_UTILS] Remove cUtilsError implementation due to the new cResult implementation
* #37985 Change [cADTFRuntime], [cRuntime] ADTF Runtime has to make sure to change runlevel only within main thread
* #38146 Change [CE System Editor] Should support multiselection in the service selection dialog
* #38226 Change [UCOM Plugins] Change plugin creation to allow reacreation (using functions _plugin_initialization and _plugin_deinitialization)
* #37906 Change [A_UTILS] Remove atomic implementation due to standard functionality
* #26430 Task New Streaming Architecture and Configuration within ADTF 3
* #27096 Task Adjust Examples to ADTF3 SDK
* #25001 Bug [adtf_util]: cImage::Resize method changes pixel format {HD - TicketID 20530LLELM} - [reject reason - #30207]
* #35427 Bug [CE Properties] Update of properties breaks sort order
* #35598 Bug [Streaming Graph Editor] Filtergraph Dock is not movable anymore
* #36518 Bug [Qt Media Description Display] Didn't recognize pin as dynamic pin
* #37846 Bug [ADTF Control] Directory parsers failes when started with parameter '-l'
* #37902 Bug [XSystem] -quit <time> doesn't use the display thread [fixed with #37985]