ADTF  3.15.3
ADTF 3.3.0 Release Notes

ADTF 3.3.0 Summary

  • We change and harmonize the class ids (ACORE-9203), this means that each setup you have made before this delivery (cpp, adtfgraph, adtfsystem, ...) is now probably out of date
  • The rpc logging service has been removed and is now fix part of System Core Objects
  • We change our whole build environment to Modern CMake (ACORE-9365), so in some cases you have to adapt your CMakelists.txt files
  • The former toolboxes can not be loaded anymore due to a certificate update to longterm license support (ACORE-9220)
    • Please be patent for the updated deliveries regarding Device Toolbox (3.0.0) and Display Toolbox (3.1.0)
    • The ADTF 3 Support Toolbox 3.0.0 can be used but the example session must be updated due to the class ids (3.0.1 will fix this issue)
  • More Usability
  • Record Dialog within ADTF GUI Control
  • Headless ADTFDAT Processing (former known as DAT Exporter) as 3rd party tooling
  • Profiling Support
  • ADTF Status Monitor (former known as Kernel Information View, Resource View)
  • Merge and Post Build Support for Plugin Descriptions, see ADTF Plugin Description Generator
  • Headless Header to/from DDL converter as 3rd party tooling
  • Example for communication to/from Non ADTF system
  • Provide default template for new projects in ADTF Configuration Editor
  • Separate Qt5 JavaScript Filter and Qt5 QML Filter (BETA)

ADTF 3.3.0 Changelog

| ADTF - Changelog |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
| |
| This file tracks the changes and bugfixes within ADTF 3.x |
| |
| Version: |
| ADTF 3.3.0 devil |
* [ACORE-8186] - [ADTF GUI File Editor] reintegrate Record Dialog into ADTF GUI Control
* [ACORE-7603] - [adtf],[cADTFFile],[adtf_file Package]: Definition of ADTF File Package
* [ACORE-8065] - [triggered_filter], [data_triggered_filter], [cFilter] Refactoring for more usability
* [ACORE-8121] - [CE Property Browser] Combobox for the PropertyBrowser
* [ACORE-8172] - [ADTF DAT Tool] Porting headless DAT Exporter as separate ADTF DAT Tool within ADTF 3
* [ACORE-8193] - [Harddisk Player], [ADTF Control] Reintegrate DAT File PlayList
* [ACORE-8198] - [Profiling GUI] Reintegrate Profiling Functionality
* [ACORE-8199] - [Systemmonitor] Reintegrate Resource View
* [ACORE-8201] - [Systemmonitor] Reintegrate Kernel Information View to ADTF 3
* [ACORE-8282] - [RPC] dynamic client support - Testautomatisierung
* [ACORE-8372] - [Plugin Description Generator] Merge for Plugin Descriptions
* [ACORE-8394] - [CE System Editor] Service Dialog must show label name of Services [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-8426] - [Project View][ADTF GUI control][ADTF Control] Define ADTF DAT File handling within Project View [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-8525] - [DDL Generation] Provide a command line tool to generate DDL out of c-struct and vice versa
* [ACORE-8678] - [cResult] Dynamic memory allocation of detailed error description must be disengageable during compile time AND cResult must be RTSafe while using only error code
* [ACORE-8739] - [Player GUI, CE] Tool to create File PlayLists [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-8825] - [GUI Control] Improve usability [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-8868] - [Example] Add an example that demonstrates sending/receiving of streaming data to/from external applications
* [ACORE-8955] - [Launcher] Provide Logging/Error Handling if a connection to launcher is impossible i.e. if port is in use [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-8957] - [ADTF DAT Tool] Porting CSV Exporter as example
* [ACORE-8991] - [COMMON] Delivery of 3.x must have ADTF Layout
* [ACORE-9043] - [Filter SDK] Test and Example for adtf::filter::cDynamicFilter
* [ACORE-9107] - [CE] Creation of default elements
* [ACORE-9141] - [CE, ADTF Launcher] Making 3rdparty libraries available with less configuration effort [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9203] - Harmonize class ids and component display names
* [ACORE-9220] - [License] Update the certificate
* [ACORE-9222] - [CE] Reactivate QML Remote Debugging
* [ACORE-9225] - [Java Script Filter] Split the JavaScriptFilter into a GUI supported version and a blank javascript version
* [ACORE-9280] - [CE] Add Rename option for graph, session and system files
* [ACORE-9347] - [BUILDENV] verify compiler version
* [ACORE-9365] - [CMake] Modern CMake
* [ACORE-9367] - Deploy VC runtime DLLs to ADTFs 'bin'-folder [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9378] - [Installer] change default install directory on Windows to c:/adtf/3.x.x
* [ACORE-9394] - [ucom::object] Extend compatibility with newer VC compilers
* [ACORE-9398] - [Examples] Delivery of clean example code
* [ACORE-8818] - [ADTF GUI Control] Recorder Control does not reset on shutdown
* [ACORE-8826] - [GUI Control, Player Control] Player Control doesn't reset on missing player
* [ACORE-8849] - [CE] Getting unexpected dialog "Unsaved changes detected" [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-8867] - [CE] Crash when try to change the property "title" of a service for a second time
* [ACORE-9076] - [CE] Adding libraries to platform does not use macro ADTF_DIR
* [ACORE-9143] - [CMake] Missing -Bsymbolic linker flags for adtf plugins
* [ACORE-9145] - [CE] Sub-Properties are not displayed under a certain condition
* [ACORE-9155] - [ADTF GUI Control] GUI Control crashes when shutting down demo_recording
* [ACORE-9178] - [Documentation] ::bat and ::catwo interface is missing
* [ACORE-9191] - [ADTF DDL] Not correct initialized ddlversion struct
* [ACORE-9217] - Typo in classname: cExternelQueueSampleReader
* [ACORE-9221] - [DOC] Missing CMakeLists.txt code listing in testing example documentation [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9226] - [CMake] adtf_install_plugin can copy plugindescriptions only to ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/${DIRECTORY} [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9240] - [ACORE] Unresolved external symbol for alloc_sample
* [ACORE-9251] - [PKG_DDL] tChar is not supported.
* [ACORE-9257] - [Plugin Description Generator] failure generating filter before 3.2.0. Missing nullptr-check
* [ACORE-9261] - [CE] The Validation Protocol view shows meaningless errors [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9262] - [ADTF Control] 'Quit' command won't quit but hangs instead [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9273] - Do not deploy debug plugindescription in release build in ADTF examples (ADTFS-48135) [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9278] - [CE] Open a session leads to save change dialog even it dosn't load a graph or system
* [ACORE-9279] - 'tagged_ptr' is referenced by its old name 'cTaggedPtr' leading to compilation errors [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9281] - The ADTF Launcher fails to load sessions which depend on Qt [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9334] - Connections to Interface Bindings of Sample Streaming Sinks are not created
* [ACORE-9339] - [Plugin Description] delivered plugin descriptions do not match to adtfplugins
* [ACORE-9344] - object_ptr: remove invalid cast operator to non const iobject_ptr<const T>&
* [ACORE-9350] - [ADTF Launcher] Access violation when closing the xSystem's main window [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9355] - [Player] Player does not adhere to read ahead queue length
* [ACORE-9359] - [Datdump] failed extractextension on windows and missing documentation
* [ACORE-9360] - [Demo Legacy Data Filter] OnSampleReceived will not be called [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9363] - [CMake] Building fails on Systems where VS2017 has been installed in addtion to VS2015
* [ACORE-9372] - [Signal Registry] Signal Registry is loaded at wrong Runlevel [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9384] - Fix Squish-Test from Release 3.3.0 Beta
* [ACORE-9385] - Fix Functional-Test from Release 3.3.0 Beta
* [ACORE-9387] - [CE] Missing active session marker
* [ACORE-9389] - [Installer] Bitdefener shows warning when executing installer [REJECTED]
* [ACORE-9390] - [CE] Missing "You have unsaved changes" dialog
* [ACORE-9400] - [GUI Control] Slider of Player does not work
* [ACORE-9418] - [Documentation] The documentation for Trigger Function is incomplete
* [ACORE-9419] - [DirectShow Example] No valid video for Qts QImage [NUR EINCHECKEN]
* [ACORE-9426] - Errors when compiling UCOM compile time tests [REJECTED]