ADTF  3.14.3
RPC Object Server Registry

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The RPC Object Server Registry is a single instance to create a single adress entry for RPC Server Objects.


The registered object by adtf::services::ant::IRPCObjectServerRegistry will be reached via the same adress as the registry itselve. Within the ADTF Launcher the communication is a simple JSON protocol: The registry is implemented as a json server by the given URL like http://localhost:8000. Each Server object is reachable by a URL like http://localhost:8000/<objectname> given at strObjectName.

Use Cases

The RPC Interface makes it possible to connect and interacte with an ADTF System / ADTF Launcher. One powerful client is the ADTF Control.

See also ADTF Remote SDK and the external RPC package content within dev_essential.

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