ADTF  3.18.3
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7 #pragma once
8 #include <adtfucom3/adtf_ucom3.h>
13 namespace adtf
14 {
15 namespace streaming
16 {
17 namespace ant
18 {
34  public ucom::ant::IObject
35 {
36  protected:
38  ~ISampleInfo() = default;
39  public:
41  ADTF_IID(ISampleInfo, "sampleinfo.ant.streaming.adtf.iid");
43  public:
47  static constexpr tHashKey SAI_DeviceOriginalTime = 1851393682;
49  static constexpr const tChar* const SAI_DeviceOriginalTime_String = "DeviceOriginalTime";
53  static constexpr tHashKey SAI_Counter = 1660111993;
55  static constexpr const tChar* const SAI_Counter_String = "Counter";
56 };
57 } //namespace ant
59 using ant::ISampleInfo;
60 } //namespace streaming
61 } //namespace adtf
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char tChar
The tChar defines the type for platform character set (platform and compiler dependent type).
The hashed vlaue table store interface to set and retrieve values via a hash key.
adtf::util::cStringUtil::tHashKey32 tHashKey
Type for the HashKey of the Value.
Interface for additional sample information on a Additional Sample Information.
static constexpr const tChar *const SAI_Counter_String
String value to generate ISampleInfo::SAI_Counter by ant::create_sample_info_hash_key.
ADTF_IID(ISampleInfo, "sampleinfo.ant.streaming.adtf.iid")
definiton of interface id
not destructable
static constexpr tHashKey SAI_Counter
A Counter Hash Key to set as additional sample information.
static constexpr tHashKey SAI_DeviceOriginalTime
The hardware time or device time hash key as additional sample information hash key.
static constexpr const tChar *const SAI_DeviceOriginalTime_String
String value to generate ISampleInfo::SAI_DeviceOriginalTime by ant::create_sample_info_hash_key.
Base class for every interface type within the uCOM.
Definition: object_intf.h:31
Copyright © Audi Electronics Venture GmbH.
Namespace for entire ADTF SDK.
Copyright © Audi Electronics Venture GmbH.