Down the (FEP) rabbit hole

Down the rabbit hole

ADTF tries to simplify the usage of FEP. But sometimes it is necessary to the follow the white rabbit down to all that details that are hidden behind the components we have described.


Performance Optimization

Data Transfer is done by the underling Simulation Bus implementation. By default FEP makes use of Connext DDS from RTI to exchange data. RTI Connext DDS is of the same complexity as ADTF itself and has its own ecosystem (see RTI Products). But the most important parts for your use case are the QoS Policies. Those are settings to:

FEP provides a base set of pre defined qos settings for all default StreamTypes. You can find them in $(ADTF_DIR)/bin/rti/USER_QOS_PROFILES.xml. If you have defined your own StreamType and don't want to use the default settings, please feel free to extend this file or create your own and let DDS know about the path by using NDDS_QOS_PROFILES.

Where to go next?

That's it... so far. But as you already get involved with RTI we should tell you there is some tool support