CalibTb 3 Limitations

Supported Standards

We currently supporting followed standards:

  • Protocol Layer Specification: ASAM MCD-1 (XCP) Version 1.3.0
  • Data Model for ECU Measurement and Calibration: ASAM MCD-2 (ASAP2 / A2L) Version 1.6.0
This means features of this version. You can also load files generated with greater versions. It will work until no new features of them are required.
Supported Transport Layers
Transport Layer Supported by ADTF3
XCP on CAN yes
XCP on CAN FD no
XCP on FlexRay yes
XCP on Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP/IP) yes
XCP on SxI (SPI, SCI) no
XCP on USB no
Limitations on reading of raw and physical values
  • Please keep in Mind that you cannot read both the physical and the raw value of a signal/paramater (even if it is used in multiple buffers).
Limitations on DAQ and STIM processing
  • DAQ and STIM processing is only supported for ECUs with address granularity of ADDRESS_GRANULARITY_BYTE.

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