ADTF DEVICE TOOLBOX 3.2.0 Release Notes


  • SOME/IP payload decoding and deserialization
    • Provide SOME/IP Service
    • Defintinion of adtf::devicetb::sdk::someip::ISomeIpDatabase to create own parser
    • Defintinion of adtf::devicetb::sdk::someip::ISomeIpDecoder to interpret payload
    • Support also RAW/ASCII mode in SOME/IP Trace View when no parser is present
    • Warning
      There is no SOME/IP parser delivered within Device Toolbox, only the interface to implement or add an existing one - this is the definition and requirement by customer forum! This means that SOME/IP decoding does not work out of the box and you have to buy or implement a SOME/IP parser solution compatible to provided interfaces! If you have any questions, please contact the support.
  • Common adaptions regarding SDK and delivered components
    • Repair encoding and decoding (especially for CAN and CAN FD)
    • Repair ADTF Device Toolbox 2.x Support for CAN and CAN FD recordings from ADTF 2.x
      • Also bus data exchange from/to ADTF 2.14.x using ADTF 3 Support Tool 3.1.0
    • Extend CAN and CAN FD to support up to 16 channels
    • Implement missing features for Config Codecs
    • Pack bus specific Streaming Sources and Streaming Sinks in one adtfplugin (CAN, CAN FD and FlexRay)
      • This means you have to adapt your dependencies (e.g. adtfsystem files) if you are running an ADTF Session set up with Device Toolbox < 3.2.0
      • Easiest way: Open your project in ADTF Configuration Editor, navigate to System Editor -> Plugins (Release), open the context menu and execute 'Removal all' and 'Look up'. Repeat this for the debug adtfplugins as well
    • Provide ASC Reader for CAN and CAN FD
  • Documentation, Guides and examples extensions
  • Upgrade External Dependencies
    • Support for ADTF 3.7.0
    • Support for ADTF File Library (IFHD) 0.6.1
    • Support for a_util 5.6.0
    • Support for ddl 4.4.0
    • Support for ADTF Utils 4.1.4
  • Several improvements and bugfixes, please refer to ADTF DEVICE TOOLBOX 3.2.0 Change Log


| ADTF Device Toolbox - Change Log - |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
| Copyright (c) Audi Electronics Venture GmbH |
| |
| This file tracks the changes made within ADTF Device Toolbox 3.x |
| |
| Version: |
| Device Toolbox 3.2.0 cylinder |
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| Build against: |
| ADTF 3.7.0 hollow |
* [ADEVTB-1507] - Provide CAN/CAN FD ASC Reader for ADTF DAT Tool
* [ADEVTB-1523] - Define and Implement SOME/IP Service
* [ADEVTB-1526] - MS2: Provide decoding for SOME/IP data and parser interface
* [ADEVTB-1572] - Define ISomeIpDatabase
* [ADEVTB-1580] - Create guides for Device Toolbox
* [ADEVTB-1638] - Update BusDatabaseLoader-Interface
* [ADEVTB-1649] - Define and Implement ISomeIpCoder
* [ADEVTB-1652] - Add descriptions to all components using ADTF 3.6's new SetDescription function
* [ADEVTB-1657] - SOME/IP payload deserialization
* [ADEVTB-1682] - Provide short description for each component
* [ADEVTB-1683] - Provide UI support to configure Direct Show Capture Device
* [ADEVTB-1691] - can service should always prefer last registered parser
* [ADEVTB-1721] - Make loading of adtf_file plugins optional
* [ADEVTB-1727] - Add missing features to config codec
* [ADEVTB-1739] - Provide support for 16 channels
* [ADEVTB-1747] - Support for ADTF 3.7.0
* [ADEVTB-1755] - Services must return error, if parsing fails and log if no database is set
* [ADEVTB-1758] - Provide CAN FD Coder example
* [ADEVTB-1764] - Add doxygen page for SOME/IP
* [ADEVTB-1767] - Show decoded payload in the SOME/IP Trace View
* [ADEVTB-1778] - Create SOME/IP example session
* [ADEVTB-1805] - Add help link for all delivered components
* [ADEVTB-1807] - If there is no parser - Show SOME/IP raw data in raw and in ASCII
* [ADEVTB-1810] - Include Guide for Some/IP
* [ADEVTB-1503] - IEEE Floats/Doubles are interpretated as signed integer
* [ADEVTB-1569] - Failed database parsing/initialzation because Bus Support Services are registered in RL_System instead RL_Session
* [ADEVTB-1648] - Problems setting higher resolution
* [ADEVTB-1668] - Combobox items in CAN Trace Views are not checkable on Linux
* [ADEVTB-1671] - Linux delivery contains windows batch file
* [ADEVTB-1687] - Change of framerate, height and width property value has no effect on the demo_direct_show_capture_source
* [ADEVTB-1690] - Unable to load old parser in newer DevTB
* [ADEVTB-1709] - CAN Signal provider leads to crash in example
* [ADEVTB-1712] - CANFD Signal provider leads to crash
* [ADEVTB-1715] - Flexray Signal provider leads to crash
* [ADEVTB-1719] - CAN Config Encoder does not sent values
* [ADEVTB-1720] - Parsers should check case insensitive file extensions
* [ADEVTB-1735] - CAN FD Encoder and Decoder pin creation is wrong
* [ADEVTB-1738] - CAN and CAN FD Config Decoder does not send values
* [ADEVTB-1740] - adtf2 deserializer cannot deserialize adtf2 canfd samples.
* [ADEVTB-1752] - CAN Trace View lists signals two times
* [ADEVTB-1762] - CAN FD Receiver does not receive data
* [ADEVTB-1771] - Sending and receiving CAN/CAN FD/FlexRay Streams within a single session does not work
* [ADEVTB-1775] - CAN and CAN FD Encoder do not set the time within tCANData and tCANFDData
* [ADEVTB-1793] - CAN FD Signal Config Editor generates invalid MAP file
* [ADEVTB-1796] - Unable to deserialize CAN data received from Support Toolbox
* [ADEVTB-1802] - CAN DBC Parser check for Floating-Point signals failed
* [ADEVTB-1803] - CAN FD DBC Parser check for Floating-Point signals failed
* [ADEVTB-1813] - <Bus> Trace View Crash on shutdown
axle::tCANData tCANData
The CAN data structure is used by CAN MediaSamples use following code within your filter:
Definition: can_types.h:294
axle::tCANFDData tCANFDData
The CAN FD data structure is used by CAN FD MediaSamples.
Definition: canfd_types.h:726
key::ISomeIpDatabase ISomeIpDatabase
The ISomeIpDatabase interface provides access to SOME/IP specific information contained in a database...