ADTF DAT Info Tool

Since ADTF DAT GUI Tools version 0.1.0 there is a DAT Info tool ( adtf_datinfo.exe located in the bin folder) which you can use to look inside a .adtfdat file from ADTF 3.x as well as .dat files from ADTF 2.x. The tool provides a kind of list view which shows the contained Streams of the selected DAT file. The tool is able to display Samples, Triggers and Types for each stream within a time chart. A click inside the chart places a kind of marker and displays the content of the underlying sample at the right side of the window.

DAT Info

The View menu offers some zoom options for the chart. Tools - Extensions opens a dialog to inspect the extension part of the DAT file where you can find the GUID and the ADTF version the file was recorded with for example.

DAT file extension