ADTF Device Toolbox 2.7.0 is now available

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  • 22409 [External File Support Service]: provide option to import flexray data from ASC file to DAT file Reject reason: Duplicates #25920 - [External File Support, Flexray Support Service]: Implementation of flexray_asc_file_source {HD - TicketID 21859LKCMF}
  • 33288 [Vector FlexRay Device Filter] Errors during playback of FlexRay-Frames if too many ECUS were recorded
  • 35723 [Vector CAN XL Device, Vector LIN Device, Vector FlexRay Device, Vector MOST Device] Update to Vector XL Driver Library version 9.7 to support Vector Keyman License Dongle
  • 37128 [flexray_export] FlexRay ASC Sink must set the correct cycle repetition value


  • 21078 [FlexRay Support Service]: IFIBEXDatabase method GetPDUID does not work properly - {HD - TicketID 15633KFIMJ}
  • 22856 [FlexRay Config Codec]: property "Handling of Signal Limits from Database" does not work correctly (ignore, maybe clip too)
  • 28888 [BaseCodec] Calculating Factor and Offset on a media buffer from type integer leads to a loss of data
  • 29456 [FlexRay Config Codec],[FlexRay Signal Config Filter Editor] $RAWVALUE$ macro does not work in combination with Project-ID
  • 33469 [CAN Signal Provider] Error Frames are interpreted as normal frames
  • 34732 [CAN Signal Config Filter Editor, FlexRay Signal Config Filter Editor, LIN Signal Config Filter Editor] Exporting Media Description in all Signal Config Filter Editors does not work
  • 34759 [LIN Support Service] LIN to .asc export does not work
  • 34849 [Vector FlexRay Device / Fibex Parser] Using of several flexray networks and device filters in car can lead to unsyncable flexray networks - ADTFS-44108
  • 35637 [MDF DeviceTB Support Service] MDF Flexray Sink ignores linked source for Flexray Cluster
  • 35724 [Vector CAN XL Device, Vector LIN Device, Vector FlexRay Device, Vector MOST Device] Vector Keyman license stick not supported
  • 37698 [MDF Flexray Sink] Crash if calculated Media-Sample timestamps are negative
  • 38663 [PEAK-CAN Device] ADTF hangs on Linux64 if PEAK-CAN Device is not connected to a CAN bus
  • 38711 [FlexRay Config Codec] $RAWVALUE$ Macro calculates wrong values