ADTF 3.6.3 is now available

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Package - ADTF/3.6.3@dw/stable

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  • Fix crash when recording output of ADTFDAT File Player
  • Hotfix for header generation from description file if string of Media Desciption is to big
  • Some hotfixes for ADTF Configuration Editor regarding:
    • Deadlock regarding Session Editor / Project Editor issues
    • Scaling and resizing issues
    • Custom cesettings file (starting with –-settings)
    • Crash in closing project
    • Renaming of ADTF Session dependent files and graph components


  • [ACORE-9907] - Crash on resizing Qt window
  • [ACORE-10142] - Automatic scaling of filter block elements
  • [ACORE-10144] - Playback service does not enter a valid paused state when playback finishes.
  • [ACORE-10166] - Same path value in a property file provides different results for a cString compared to a cFilename property
  • [ACORE-10173] - Extraction of system scaling leads to crashes on some ubuntu systems
  • [ACORE-10190] - Outdated certificate and unreachable timestamp server for building ADTF executables
  • [ACORE-10240] - Renaming components does not affect connections
  • [ACORE-10253] - compiler error: "string too big" when using ADTF MD Generator Tool
  • [ACORE-10267] - Renaming a system file with the CE uses wrong file extension
  • [ACORE-10269] - Problems mixing build types
  • [ACORE-10277] - CE freezes: deadlock in viewmodel manager
  • [ACORE-10280] - Recorder crashes on shutdown
  • [ACORE-10323] - Close Project with unsaved changes leads to crash
  • [ACORE-10332] - User provided settings file loading failure is not forwarded to the user

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