Qt3D Display 0.1.0 (BETA) is now available

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Package - Qt3D-Display/0.1.0@dw/stable

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  • Initial version of 3D-Display based on QtQuick
    • Provides the full range of Qt3D functionality
    • Provides four overlay container where widgets can be placed
    • Overlay menu (VisualElementsView) to adjust the visual scene tree during runtime
    • Overlay menu (CameraOptionsView) to adjust the camera options during runtime
  • Base SDK
    • Base Filter class which behaves like a QtQuick Filter and extends its functionality by importing all necessary 3D libraries
    • QML base library which contains constants, container and elements for an own implementation
  • Example Filters
    • Billboard Filter - can display customized information which is always facing to the users ego position
    • CoordinateSystem Filter - can be used to nest different coordinate systems
    • Grid Filter - provides a ground plane with an user defined scale
    • Instantiator Filter - creates cuboid entities for an incoming stream of objects
    • PlayerControl Filter - provides control elements for the incoming stream
  • Guides
    • Simple Examples for the first steps with Qt3D and to get immediately productive
  • Doxygen Documentation


  • [ADISTB-983] - Qt3D Display Concept
  • [ADISTB-1027] - Implement OverlayManagement for the Qt3D Display
  • [ADISTB-1035] - Implement Video example for Qt3D-Display
  • [ADISTB-1044] - Implement Hide and Show functionality for Entities
  • [ADISTB-1048] - Scene Configuration Menu
  • [ADISTB-1050] - Small adjustments to overlay system
  • [ADISTB-1051] - Add documentation to Qt3D-Display project
  • [ADISTB-1053] - Improve appearance of overlay menu
  • [ADISTB-1057] - Switch rendering level on demand
  • [ADISTB-1061] - Add guides for Qt3D-Display
  • [ADISTB-1065] - Add example adtf project
  • [ADISTB-1070] - Add Instantiator Filter for Qt3D-Display
  • [ADISTB-1079] - Add Links to Help


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