ADTF 2.x Discontinuation - UPDATE

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Dear customers,

As you might already know from our news ADTF 2.x Discontinuation provided three years ago and linked on the landing page of the support platform, ADTF 2.x is running towards EOL until the end of 2021.

Unfortunately we are facing several requests regarding license usage after this date, which are based on wrong interpretation regarding discontinuation:
  • ADTF 2.x will be discontinued at 2021-12-31
  • This means there won't be any updates, maintainance, bugfixes or support after this date
  • BUT: there will still be licenses available for customers, who already bought a license including company licenses from customer forum members
    • The way will be evaluated and announced during next year
    • But it is guaranteed that you will still be able to use ADTF 2.x after end of 2021 !
We hope this message helps you understand and plan the future.
We created a FAQ's for this topic: Note:
  • We highly recommend to start new projects using ADTF 3.x !
  • If your project and timetable allows you we also recommend migrating current projects, parts and toolchains to ADTF 3.x, otherwise stay on ADTF 2.x or mix up
  • If you need any help for migration, design in ADTF 3.x and how getting started, just let us know.
  • Also if you are facing any troubles, missing features, map design and architecture on your use case or need any further assistance setting up with ADTF 3.x - feel free to contact our support!

Especially have a look at our landing page for an overview of products, documentation and solutions.

We wish you a merry christmas and a healthy start in 2021 !

Please note our support is closed from christmas and reopen on Jan 07th 2021 (see Service hours)

All the best,
Your Digitalwerk Team