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ADTF 3.x Products

Product Latest Release Conan Package Documentation Requirements (minimum)
ADTF 3.11.0 ADTF/3.11.0@dw/stable (full package) / ADTF_SDK/3.11.0@dw/stable (SDK only package) Doxygen / Guides / Keytopics ---
ADTF Calibration Toolbox 3.2.0 ADTF_CalibrationToolbox/3.2.0@dw/stable Doxygen / Guides ADTF 3.7.x
ADTF Device Toolbox 3.5.0 adtf_device_toolbox/3.5.0@dw/stable Doxygen / Guides ADTF 3.10.x
ADTF Display Toolbox 3.5.0 ADTF_DisplayToolbox/3.5.0@dw/stable Doxygen ADTF 3.7.x
Qt3D Display 0.3.0 Qt3D-Display/0.3.0@dw/stable Doxygen / Guides ADTF 3.9.x
ADTF ROS2 Bridge master --- Readme ADTF 3.3.1 (but we recommend latest)

ADTF 3.x Libraries

Product Latest Release Conan Package Documentation Source code Requirements (minimum)
ADTF File Library (IFHD) 0.7.0 IFHD/0.7.0@dw/stable Doxygen github A_Util 5.6.0 / DDL 4.4.0
ADTF DAT GUI Tools 0.2.0 ADTF_DatGuiTools/0.2.0@dw/stable Doxygen / Guides included ADTF File Library 0.6.1

ADTF 3.x Downloads