ADTF  3.14.3
ADTF 2 Support SDK

ADTF 2 Support SDK

The ADTF 2 Support SDK defines a helper and legacy API which will help you to port your code from ADTF 2 to ADTF 3. The main header to include is:

#include <adtf2_support.h>


The main focus of this package is to define old class name like cFilter, cInputPin etc. to the new Programming Model of ADTF 3.


Please keep in mind, that in order to make most of ADTF 3's advanced features it is best to port your old filters to ADTF 3 directly (see ADTF Filter SDK), without the use of the legacy classes which will no longer be maintained besides bugfixing!


The ADTF 2 Support SDK depends on the ADTF System SDK.

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