ADTF  3.16.0
System Service

An ADTF System Service provides functionality that is independent from the Streaming Architecture.

This might be clocks, databases (DBC, FIBEX, ....), UIs and any other kind of support functionality that Streaming Service or Filter may require to perform their tasks. Each ADTF System Service will be initialized in a specific adtf::base::ant::tADTFRunLevel.

For an overview please visit System Services

The interfaces - which ADTF delivers within the packages - are main ADTF functionality every delivered module expects. A service has to export the adtf::ucom::ant::IService interface. A basic implementation of this interface is provided by the class adtf::ucom::ant::cService but it is recommended to use or adtf::system::ant::cADTFService. The adtf::system::ant::cADTFService enriches the adtf::ucom::IService interface with a implementation for adtf::base::ant::IConfiguration. For UI Services please use adtf::ui::ant::cQtUIService.

For an overview of delivered System Services which provides required interfaces please have a look at System Services.