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Namespace for entire ADTF SDK.
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this implementation shows:
  • you can add more then one adtffileplugin to load additional deserializer adtffileplugins
#pragma once
#include <adtf_systemsdk.h>
class cDemoDeserializerSupportSrv : public adtf::system::cADTFService
"ADTF 2.x Compressed Video Deserializer Support Service");
public: // Overrides cService
tResult ServiceInit() override;
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#define REQUIRE_INTERFACE(_interface)
Macro usable with ADTF_CLASS_DEPENDENCIES() to require mandatory interfaces.
Add interface ids (string literals,.
#define ADTF_CLASS_ID_NAME(_class, _strcid, _strclabel)
Common macro to enable correct treatment of class identifier AND Class Name by IClassInfo.
Definition: class_id.h:33
Default implementation of a ADTF Service can be used for convinience.
Definition: adtf_service.h:27
#include "demo_deserializer_support_srv.h"
using namespace adtf::util;
using namespace adtf::base;
using namespace adtf::ucom;
using namespace adtf::services;
ADTF_PLUGIN("Deserializer Support Service", cDemoDeserializerSupportSrv);
// sets a short description for the component
SetDescription("Use this System Service to extend the ADTF System with deserialization support for sample data created with ADTF 2 Video Compression Toolbox.");
// set help link to jump to documentation from ADTF Configuration Editor
tResult cDemoDeserializerSupportSrv::ServiceInit()
object_ptr<IADTFFileSupport> pFileSupport;
RETURN_IF_FAILED_DESC(_runtime->GetObject(pFileSupport), "Unable to get ADTFFileSupport-Interface: check if adtf_file_support plugin is loaded");
return pFileSupport->LoadADTFFilePlugin(cFileSystem::GetOwnModuleDirectory().AppendPath("demo_adtf2_compressed_video_deserializer.adtffileplugin"));
#define ADTF_PLUGIN(__plugin_identifier,...)
The ADTF Plugin Macro will add the code of a adtf::ucom::ant::IPlugin implementation.
Definition: adtf_plugin.h:22
virtual tResult GetObject(iobject_ptr< IObject > &pObject, const char *strNameOID) const =0
Get registered object from object registry.
Namespace for the ADTF Base SDK.
Namespace for a summary of all service interfaces (System Service) provided by ADTF.
Namespace for the ADTF uCOM3 SDK.
alias namespace for the A_UTILS Library.
adtf::ucom::IRuntime * _runtime
Global Runtime Pointer to reference to the current runtime.
returns if the expression returns a failed tResult or throws an exception.
#define RETURN_IF_FAILED_DESC(s,...)
returns if the expression returns a failed tResult and ammends the error message.

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