ADTF  3.14.3
Legacy Support

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The compatibility classes for porting old ADTF 2 Filters to ADTF 3 are located within the ADTF 2 Support SDK.

Please keep in mind, that in order to make most of ADTF 3's advanced features it is best to port your old filters to ADTF 3 directly (see ADTF Filter SDK), without the use of the legacy classes presented below which will no longer be maintained besides bugfixing!

Legacy Classes

The following 3 classes are supplied to ease the transition to ADTF 3

In any case use the adtf::adtf2::ant::cLegacyInputPin and adtf::adtf2::ant::cLegacyOutputPin classes as drop-in replacements for the old cInputPin and cOutputPin classes.

The classes emulate the old Filter Interface (Init/Start/Stop/Shutdown), so it should be fairly straight foward to get you Filter up and running.

The IPinEventSink::OnPinEvent interface is replaced by the two methods of adtf::adtf2::ant::cLegacyPinEvents.

Stream Types (formerly Media Types) cannot be emulated in that way. If you cannot create an ADTF 3 Stream Type for your use-case, you can use the adtf::adtf2::ant::stream_meta_type_legacy Stream Meta Type, that provides the old Major/Sub-Type scheme from ADTF 2. If you have a DDL description of your data, use adtf::mediadescription::ant::create_adtf_default_stream_type to create a Stream Type or adtf::mediadescription::ant::set_stream_type_media_description to add it to an existing one.

Take a look at the examples provided at ADTF 2 Legacy Examples for a demonstration of the use of the above classes.

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