ADTF  3.18.1
ADTF 3.4.0 Release Notes

ADTF 3.4.0 Summary

  • Change delivery to archive instead of installer, also to work on Non-Admin machines
  • Provide Interface for Filter Editor and Service Editor
  • Move ADTF DAT Processing and tooling to ADTF File Library (delivered by 3rd Party ifhd)
  • Support for ADTF File Library 0.4.0
    • Due to this change it is not possible to use Device Toolbox 3.0.0 and Calibration Toolbox 3.0.0 out of the box
    • Please have a look at the Download Center at each toolbox to find the patch for use within ADTF 3.4.0 or wait for the next minor releases
  • Support for DDL 4.2.0
  • Deliver source code for Qt5 ADTF XSystem UI Service
  • Provide DDL Editor (delivered by 3rd Party DDL Editor)
  • Provide Mapping Editor (delivered by 3rd Party DDL Editor)
  • Provide DAT Processing GUI as 3rd Party Tooling (delivered by ADTF DAT GUI Tools standalone)
  • Provide DAT Info GUI as 3rd Party Tooling (delivered by ADTF DAT GUI Tools standalone)
  • Rework ADTF3 SDK Documentation
  • Define default log-level for default launchers in ADTF Control
    • Warning for common launcher
    • Dump for debug launcher
  • Provide additional launch options with enabled profiling
  • Deliver ADTF3 Guides
  • Harmonize command line handling for all Tools and Applications
    • Due to this change it is not possible to use ADTF 3 Support Toolbox 3.0.0 with ADTF Control from ADTF 3.4.0
    • This effects for example the getting started script
    • For this combination please be patent for upcoming ADTF 3 Support Toolbox 3.1.0
    • The Launcher Wrapper from ADTF 3 Support Toolbox 3.0.0 itself works fine
  • Extend ADTF Configuration Editor and provide API for CE Modules (BETA)
  • Extend ADTF Config Tool for editing graphs
  • Extend ADTF GUI Control with Playback Speed, Playback Loop and Next Trigger
  • Image support for Qt5 Scripting Filter Plugins (BETA)
  • Define Exception Handling, especially to react on errors occuring in constructors of Trigger Functions
  • Several improvements and bugfixes, please refer to ADTF 3.4.0 Changelog

ADTF 3.4.0 Changelog

| ADTF - Changelog |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
| |
| This file tracks the changes and bugfixes within ADTF 3.x |
| |
| Version: |
| ADTF 3.4.0 elasto |
* [ACORE-8165] - Provide configuration interface within CE to support Filter Editor
* [ACORE-8171] - Porting ADTF 2 DAT Exporter GUI as separate ADTF DAT Tool GUI
* [ACORE-8173] - Porting ADTF 2 Show DAT File Info Dialog as separate ADTF DAT Info GUI within ADTF 3
* [ACORE-8421] - Provide the source code of current ADTF XSystem
* [ACORE-8477] - ADTF Launcher without parameters should show help without GUI
* [ACORE-8479] - Define default folder for .descriptions files
* [ACORE-8956] - Provide DDL Editor (former known as Media Description Editor)
* [ACORE-9093] - Executables must contain software details using windows file properties dialog of Explorer
* [ACORE-9110] - Show line while drawing new connection
* [ACORE-9138] - Support of playback speed and playback in loop
* [ACORE-9169] - Edit Properties should select clicked element
* [ACORE-9243] - Global Error Handling
* [ACORE-9247] - Provide step to next trigger mechanism in ADTF GUI Control
* [ACORE-9343] - Provide release notes, known problems and reorder change log behaviour
* [ACORE-9356] - Re-Add pdb files for more debug information
* [ACORE-9357] - Add option to create a Service Editor
* [ACORE-9432] - Add the possibility to add predefined ENV Variable within the CE
* [ACORE-9495] - Consistent command line parameter handling
* [ACORE-9497] - Adapt label names for more expressiveness
* [ACORE-9517] - provide support for adding components and connect them with ADTF Config Tool
* [ACORE-9533] - Add launcher definitions with enabled profiler and add possibility to launch Profiling GUI from controls
* [ACORE-9549] - Adjust default log level for 'adtf' release launcher used by ADTF Control
* [ACORE-9560] - Javascript filter needs access to an image and binarysample
* [ACORE-9563] - Example which shows the access of a struct defined in a Description File
* [ACORE-9568] - Provide mechanism to cancel construction of Trigger Function in case of error
* [ACORE-9581] - Provide options for automatic splitting during recording
* [ACORE-9606] - Remove not necessary debug tools and files from delivery
* [ACORE-9609] - Integrate open_description_dialog setting in adtf_control.adtfsettings
* [ACORE-9612] - Configuration Editor should be extendable via Qt Module
* [ACORE-9625] - Improve error handling for Trigger Functions
* [ACORE-9626] - JavaScriptFilter should be able to create and send images
* [ACORE-9629] - Rework example code and sessions and embed source code in SDK
* [ACORE-9630] - Deliver ADTF3 Guides and move related descriptions from SDK to guides
* [ACORE-9636] - Config Tool should make use of the plugindescription to inform about possible pins and properties
* [ACORE-9654] - Use sentence-style capitalization in menu and context menus
* [ACORE-9655] - Append ellipsis to menu items and buttons where meaningful
* [ACORE-9656] - Rename menu item from settings to options
* [ACORE-9658] - Improve session launch options from CE
* [ACORE-9669] - Sign ADTF executables and provide some meta information (Windows Only)
* [ACORE-9670] - Document how to change properties during runtime
* [ACORE-9671] - Rename and update 3rd party license file
* [ACORE-9684] - add option to dump file header to adtf_datdump
* [ACORE-9692] - Change runlevel of services should only be possible by selecting widget
* [ACORE-9697] - Update and adjust to adtf_file library 0.4.0
* [ACORE-9700] - Harmonize cesettings
* [ACORE-9718] - ADTF DAT File Recorder should offer IRecorder interface via interface binding.
* [ACORE-9731] - Create Data Load Demo Source
* [ACORE-9732] - Update player control documentation regarding playback speed, loop and step to next trigger
* [ACORE-9754] - Port existing example filters to use media description service
* [ACORE-9758] - Change delivery from installer to archive
* [ACORE-9767] - Add a CE-Module extending the property framework with a color picker
* [ACORE-9795] - Improve logging in case pin could not be found
* [ACORE-9803] - ADTF Guides should be found by Google
* [ACORE-9822] - Update ADTF3 Guide for DAT Tool Processor
* [ACORE-9832] - show percentages with a value less than 1
* [ACORE-9836] - improve documentation of adtf status monitor (tooltips, guide)
* [ACORE-9123] - Selection of components does not work as expected
* [ACORE-9140] - Change of properties does not work without return key
* [ACORE-9158] - [CE] Properties view shows text behind button
* [ACORE-9229] - Copy & export logs leads to crash
* [ACORE-9246] - Components are selected when dragged to Streaming Graph
* [ACORE-9282] - The content of the error/help message box is poorly formatted
* [ACORE-9351] - The dialog for adding a system library shows the wrong text
* [ACORE-9397] - Sub Property value cannot be read
* [ACORE-9541] - Buttons are not printed readable under Linux
* [ACORE-9545] - CE uses system Qt libraries on Linux
* [ACORE-9557] - [GUI Control] Broken layout on Linux
* [ACORE-9582] - Renaming Problems with Sessions
* [ACORE-9631] - Errors while initialising streaming sinks and sources are ignored
* [ACORE-9645] - Commandline help describes incorrect parameter format
* [ACORE-9646] - Wrong documentation in filterbase.h
* [ACORE-9651] - Demo Synchronizer session is missing a Timer Runner that triggers queue processing - EBPRODUCTSUPPORT-1195
* [ACORE-9673] - Documentation page 'Qt Video Display Filter' is erroneous
* [ACORE-9686] - Start timestamps are not updated correctly in file based history mode
* [ACORE-9698] - url from .cesettings file can not be handled
* [ACORE-9716] - adtf_control can not start adtf_launcher (from CE and adtf_control.exe)
* [ACORE-9717] - Example sessions are not setup correct
* [ACORE-9730] - Skip empty string properties
* [ACORE-9756] - Plugindescription Generator exits with Errorcode but description is valid
* [ACORE-9757] - properties of type string are not editable in CE
* [ACORE-9759] - Media Description Service test fails (loading of identical descriptions which differ only in alignment values)
* [ACORE-9760] - [JavaScript Filter] Script template not working
* [ACORE-9768] - ADTF CE, Strings overlapping in Property Editor, Ubuntu 16.04
* [ACORE-9774] - Unable to remove CE Plugin Directories Path by pressing '-' (minus) symbol
* [ACORE-9775] - Adding a CE Plugin Directory with the Options Dialog does not lead to loading the inherited plugins
* [ACORE-9789] - Open Project does not work as expected
* [ACORE-9790] - Opening the JavaScript Filter's editor leads to a crash on Linux
* [ACORE-9791] - connection lines can not be deleted in ce
* [ACORE-9792] - dialog after giving dynamic pin a name does not dissapear
* [ACORE-9794] - QtQuickFilter does not start
* [ACORE-9796] - Deletion via context menu not possible in FG and SG
* [ACORE-9797] - SampleStream can not be connected with Streaming pin
* [ACORE-9798] - Runner can not be connected with trigger functions
* [ACORE-9800] - Profiler initialization is done too late/too slow
* [ACORE-9804] - demo_foreign_application_session does not work on Linux
* [ACORE-9805] - demo_sdl_playback does not work on Linux
* [ACORE-9809] - Connection preview remains after connection
* [ACORE-9816] - Renaming in CE dosn't work with errros
* [ACORE-9818] - Specifying a non-existent media description file does not produce an error
* [ACORE-9838] - PluginDescriptionGenerator exits with error code after generating a plugindescription