ADTF  3.18.3
samplelog_intf.h File Reference

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class  ISampleLog
 The ISampleLog interface defines an interface to trace and store Sample data- and timing flow. More...
struct  ISampleLog::tSampleLogSampleID
 Sample ID to assure uniqueness of samples in system. More...
struct  ISampleLog::tSampleLogEntry
 Structure for one SampleLog Entry. More...
struct  ISampleLog::tSampleLogTransmitReceiveState
 Storage structure for the Additional info buffer of an MSLEE_TransmitReceiveState. More...
class  ISampleLog::IGetLogEntryCallback
 Used class to callback within the the ISampleLog::GetLogEntries. More...


 Namespace for entire ADTF SDK.
 Namespace for the ADTF Streaming SDK.
 Namespace for all functionality of the ADTF Streaming SDK provided since v3.0.

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