ADTF  3.14.3

a timestamp with nanosecond precision More...

Public Member Functions

 tNanoSeconds (const tNanoSeconds &)=default
 tNanoSeconds (tNanoSeconds &&)=default
tNanoSecondsoperator= (const tNanoSeconds &)=default
tNanoSecondsoperator= (tNanoSeconds &&)=default
 tNanoSeconds (int64_t nCount)
template<typename Representation , typename Period >
 tNanoSeconds (const std::chrono::duration< Representation, Period > &oDuration)
tNanoSecondsoperator+= (const tNanoSeconds &tmDuration)
tNanoSecondsoperator-= (const tNanoSeconds &tmDuration)
tNanoSecondsoperator*= (const int64_t &nFactor)
tNanoSecondsoperator/= (const int64_t &nDivisor)
tNanoSecondsoperator%= (const int64_t &nDivisor)
 operator std::chrono::nanoseconds () const

Public Attributes

int64_t nCount

Detailed Description

a timestamp with nanosecond precision

Definition at line 19 of file repo/src/libraries/base/include/adtfbase/chrono.h.

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