Configuration of FEP System

Synchronice ADTF Properties with FEP Properties

Both FEP and ADTF come with their own property system. FEP Properties describe a participant from the perspective of the FEP system. ADTF Properties configure a filter graph, so not all ADTF properties are also of interest to other participants in the FEP System.

So it is possible to instantiate the ADTF participant multiple times in an FEP system with different parameterization but with the same ADTF Session. This increases the reusability of an ADTF Session.

To synchronize these two property systems, ADTF provides the FEP Property Sync Service. This service publishes all properties of the top level Filter Graph into the FEP System. All you have to do is add FEP Property Sync Service and link the property do you want to appear on the Fep System into the Filter Graph:

How to create FEP Property in FilterGraph

List the FEP Properties of your ADTF Participant

FEP 3 Meta Model

How to configure a howl FEP System with the FEP Meta Model

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