Getting started with ADTF FEP Integration

Basic launch

It has never been easier to convert ADTF Launcher into a FEP Participant (can be seen as one network node within the FEP System):

This is all you need.

Where fep_system_name is the FEP System (a self-organizing network of multiple participants) your ADTF Launcher will be part of and fep_participant_name will be the name with which your FEP Participants can be identified.

Example FEP System

Let's start a small example FEP System

Discover the FEP System

Now we can use the ADTF Control to discover the new FEP Participants:

Controlling the FEP System

After running the FEP System we can use ADTF Control to stop the FEP System and bring all FEP Participants to state initialized:

Where to go next?

This is only a very tiny example accessing a FEP System. Let's getting deeper into controlling options of the FEP System.