The ADTF Property Editor Tool

This guide covers the ADTF Property Editor GUI tool. After reading this guide, you will know:


The ADTF Property Editor Tool is a GUI application you can use to manipulate properties at runtime. It can be connected to a running ADTF Session and will display all session objects and their properties. Objects and properites are being displayed in list and tree views and are being updated when a run level transition occurs. Both objects and properties can be filtered for quick navigation.

Available commands

Although the ADTF Property Editor Tool is a GUI application it still has some command line arguments.
Type: adtf_property_editor.exe --help into a console to get the list of the supported commandline arguments:

Establish a connection

To connect the tool with default settings to an existing ADTF Session type: adtf_property_editor.exe.
The tool will try to connect to the default ADTF Session URL: http://localhost:8000.

To connect the tool with customized argument type:
adtf_property_editor.exe --url http://examplename:port --interval_runlevel 5000 --interval_connection 1000

Where to go next?

We provide an mechanism and tooling to analyze the runtime behaviour, so let's have a look at Profiler GUI.