Licenser Tool

With the licenser_tool.exe you are able to request, set or show already used license information.

Basically you have to differ between following license types:

  • SDK to develop adtfplugins and generate plugindescriptions (e.g. for build chains)
  • Runtime to launch and view ADTF Sessions (e.g. test drivers)
  • Developer to extend the SDK and runtime features with creating/editing ADTF Sessions (e.g. desktop developer and integrator)
  • Additional, there can be more license features set, e.g. for using ADTF Toolboxes or 3rd party components.

    In ADTF 3.x we differ between following license options:

  • Node-Locked Offline license for a specified machine (docked to the standard ethernet adapter)
  • Server Online license from a available license server
  • Borrow Offline license from a available license server (for a defined duration)
  • Command Line usage

    First of all let's have a look at the possible options by using the licenser_tool.exe. Just issue the following command: licenser_tool.exe --help

    Getting Licensed

    Now it's time to get a license for you. If not already done, you have to request a new license by choosing one of the above mentioned license types and options.

    Request Node-Locked License

    In most cases you will require a node-locked license for your machine. To make it happen, you have to send a request to the support team or create the license request issue in the support platform yourself (see chapter Contact the support team).

    To get an sdk license, just use the following call:

    To get a runtime license, change the former call to:

    The difference to developer type:

    That's it. If everything works as expected, the request will be generated automatically and will open your mail program (on Windows) with the template (Runtime/Developer type will be set by automatically by using --type <type>).

    Just complete the required information (company, department, responsible) and settings (type, features) and send to receive your license file.

    Request Online Server License

    Maybe your company has access to a license server instance and you are using kind of floating license, following information are required:

  • url
  • port
  • volume
  • If you have the complete server address (url:port), then you can search for available volumes, which usually provide specific features like developer vs. runtime or different toolbox features.

    Chosse a volume and go:

    Request Offline Borrow License

    Using a server license is very comfortable... but what if you are loosing connection ? For this, just borrow a license from this server and enjoy offline work for the specified duration. So here we need:

  • url
  • port
  • volume
  • days
  • Generate License Request Manually

    So, to gather the required information for a license request manually (i.e. to send from another computer, person, no mailing program or whatever), you can use the generate-request option.

    This will dump the template (see chapter Request Node-Locked License) to stdout, so it's easy for you to copy or pipe it in a file to send, store or whatever you want to achieve. But please don't forget to complete the required information (company, department, responsible) and settings (type, features) before sending to the support team or for creating a issue (see chapter Contact the support team).

    For sdk request:

    For runtime request:

    For developer request:

    You want to have the template in a file ? Just use standard piping mechanism,. e.g.

    Load License File

    If you have received your requested node-locked license file, then it's time to complete the request and make your license work. To load and also store, just use the open option with path to you license file:

    And that's it !

    Get license information

    ADTF is searching your license in following order:

  • Specified as environment variable ADTF_LICENSE_FILE (absolute or relative to working directory)
  • User path:
      Windows: HKCU\Software\Audi Electronics Venture GmbH\ADTF\3\license_file
      Linux: <home>/.adtf/adtf3.lic
  • System path
      Windows: HKLM\Software\Audi Electronics Venture GmbH\ADTF\3\license_file
      Linux: /etc/adtf3.lic
  • Maybe you want to check your license, receive some information or issue some troubles by using ADTF and its (licensed) features, you can create a little report by using info option:

    This will create something like...

    Contact the support team

    Maybe you encounter a problem, have additional questions or just need some contact information, use the contact option

    and you will get something like...

    Additonal information regarding license questions

    Loading license within your application

    If your application depends on licensed plugins and you are not using the ADTF-Launcher, you must set an environment variable. The internal license mechanism is not able to load the corresponding library. ADTF offers for this approach the environment variable ADTF_LICENSER_PLUGIN. This environment variable has to be set to the corresponding license file.

    Where to go next?

    You want to extract or add something to an .adtfdat file ? The ADTF DAT Tool will make it possible.