ADTF  3.15.2
Operation Modes

In ADTF we distinguish between two main modes of operation:

Online Mode (Live)

In this mode the ADTF Session interacts with the outer world. This might be a car setup or HIL/SIL environments. So ADTF processes data that originates from somewhere else. The time source for the ADTF Stream Time is the Reference Clock Service with one of its registered clocks (which in most cases represents the real progress of time).

Offline Mode (Playback/Re-Simulation)

Most of the time this mode is defined by the presence of a ADTFDAT File Player and Playback Service. The progress of the ADTF Stream Time is defined by the ADTFDAT File that the Playback Service processes and other ADTF components that use the Time Barrier Architecture. Therefore it can be paused, accelerated, resumed etc.

Please keep in mind that during playback the progress of time does not necessarily correlate to real time. ADTF processes only input data from the files that are played back with their stored time stamps. It might of course write/send output data to other systems.
Mixing both operation modes (which means combining a ADTFDAT File Player with a real Streaming Service like hardware devices with own internal clocks) is neither recommended nor supported due to timing violations ! There might be use cases e.g. in early development processes but we advise to use such setups carefully and only for pre-development evaluation or purpose !